William Joseph packs, accessories, tools, and clothing

William Joseph is a small company located at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. They started as a group of people experienced in building mountaineering backpacks. Ironically, they realized that they were using our packs to carry their fly-fishing gear more often than their climbing gear. This lead them to the conclusion that anglers everywhere could benefit greatly from their technology, and the company you now know as William Joseph was born.

After years of success building the best fly-fishing packs, they have began to expand the William Joseph name into accessories, tools, and clothing. No matter what they make in the future, rest assured it will always represent the quality and innovation anglers worldwide have come to expect from the William Joseph team.

What Makes William Joseph Packs the Best? Technology ‘o’ Plenty

Their new Hypervent and AIRTRACK technology eliminates heat build up, perspiration and sore necks and backs. Allowing you to carry what you need in absolute comfort.

Anything you wear on your body while casting should be as smooth as possible, so your line spends it’s time in the water and not snagged on your gear. Molded foam does this better than anything else.

Light weight yet built to last. They searched far and wide to find the best fabrics available, which are durable, highly water resistant yet weigh next to nothing. Simple translation: less weight more time on the water.

Available Products:

  • Back Packs & Vests
  • Accessories
  • Travel Gear












Mag Surge

Mag Amp



Lite Catalyst

Lite Exodus II



Lite Access

Mag Confluence



Old School Chest Pack

Old School Fanny


Old School Satchel

Rain Jacket



Back Packs & Vests
  • Access Chest Pack
  • Catalyst
  • Confluence Chest Pack
  • Drifter Rucksack
  • Exodus Backpack & Vest
  • Mag Amp
  • Mag Surge
  • WJ Old School Chest Pack
  • WJ Old School Fanny Pack
  • WJ Old School Satchel
  • WJ Rain Jacket

  • WJ Infrared Thermometer
  • WJ Grippy Hemocuts
  • WJ Grippy Hemostats
  • WJ Grippy Mitten Clamps
  • WJ Grippy Nippies
  • WJ Hooknet
  • WJ LED Cap
  • WJ Mosquito Annoyer
  • WJ Net Retractor
  • WJ Stripping Basket