Sunrise Fly Tying Tools


Fly tying is one of the most interesting parts of the world of fly fishing, giving pleasure to individuals of all levels and ages.

Sunrise has been making quality fly tying tools and accessories for over 30 years now.

Available Products:

  • Vices: Sunrise makes a wide range of fly tying vises for professionals as well as beginners. Each vise is made from high quality steel and will give you many years of trouble free service.
  • Scissors: Sunrise Scissors are made from high quality stainless steel . Each scissor is custom made by skilled craftsmen. They are made specially for cutting feathers, furs, threads, tinsels, etc.
  • Hackle Pliers: Sunrise Hackle Pliers are custom made by master craftsmen . Jaws of our hackle pliers are delicately hand finished to firmly grip the hackle while tying your flies.
  • Bobbins: Sunrise makes a wide range of bobbin holders for different fly tyers. The stainless steel and ceramic tubes of our bobbin holders are specially polished
  • Accessories: Sunrise makes a wide range of accessories for tying flies. We have a complete range of light weight and delicate Fishing Forceps, Deluxe Pliers, Prisets and a big range of Pin on Reels etc. to tye different types of flies.
  • Hair Stackers: Sunrise makes an extensive range of Hair Stackers, Hair Pushers, Wing Burners etc. Our Stackers are made from Aluminum and Brass stock and are specially polished for giving you an even stack of hairs and furs in seconds


New: Beginners Fly Tying Tool Set