OverxCast Sunglasses

OverxCast is a polarised sunglass designed to be worn over prescription glasses. The sunglasses will comfortably fit over 96% of all prescription eyewear. The frames are designed to completely isolate the eyes from the elements, blocking 100% of harmful UV rays and completely eliminating glare. OverxCast is available in polarised Grey, Amber and Copper Polarised lenses in three frame sizes.

OverxCast is a packaged in a clear PVC pouch, featuring a magnetic clasp that is easy to open and close. This feature allows customers to quickly and easily find the pair that fits best. A sizing guide and in depth product details are included on the reverse size.

At their superb retail prices they will sell fast!


OverxCast sunglasses

OverxCast sunglassesOverxCast sunglasses