About St. George Sporting

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St George Sporting supply many of the best fishing tackle retailers in the UK and Europe with some of the most innovative and useful fly fishing products on the market today. Established in 2000 we have a long track record of business. This website show-cases our extensive product range. If you are a shop owner and would like to open a trade account, or if you are a fly fisher wanting to find a stockist for any of our products then please telephone, email or use our online contact form.

St George Sporting staff travel the world seeking out the new innovative items of game fishing tackle they know you the public like to see offered in UK tackle retail outlets. We are keen anglers of course and are forever seeking that item that will catch us more fish or make our pursuit of success easier.

In general we like to believe each item in our range is an item we would be happy to use ourselves. Fishing in foreign countries and attending tackle shows all over the globe means we want to offer UK anglers the chance to be able to buy all new tackle items as soon as they are invented.

The brand names we represent in the UK reflect this; Frog Hair, Gink, William Joseph, Dr Slick, Flying Fisherman, etc etc are all leaders in their particular piece of the fly fishing market.

Our staff all fish — please contact us to ask any questions about any item you want to learn about and get an answer from a truly experienced angler. The items in this website should be freely available from your local fly fishing retailer but in case of difficulty please contact us.


Gareth Headland

Managing Director
St George Sporting